My child has no confidence in school - what can I do?
Children can often feel left behind in class or sometimes are afraid to answer questions in case they get the answer wrong. At Warrington Education Centre we tailor work so that your child will always have success in every lesson and will then gently stretch them with attainable targets to help them make progress.

Why do you teach in small groups rather than one to one?
Children work better when other children are around, as the learning environment is much more relaxed and enjoyable.

When you first research tuition you may feel that you are getting more for your money with a one to one tutor, but will your child learn all of the skills they need to be successful, independent learners or will they become dependent on someone always being there pointing out their mistakes.

Children need to develop independent learning skills and succeeding independently will significantly boost a child’s confidence. Imagine how intense it is having someone always looking over your shoulder and spotting mistakes you make before you have had chance to work it out for yourself. Our small groups mean that your child will receive a perfect balance of one to one time and independent learning within a session.

Who will be teaching my child?
​Your child will receive all the benefits of face to face tuition from a caring teacher who supports your son or daughter through every step of their learning. Your child will receive the highest quality teaching from our carefully selected teachers. We strongly believe that teaching should be active and that children thrive on being engaged, not just placed in front of a screen or left with copious amounts of worksheets to complete.

​All of our teachers are selected specifically for their expertise and teaching ability in their specialist subjects. Our fully qualified teachers make learning fun and varied using exclusive curriculum resources. To uphold our professional high standards within our centre, all teachers have a current enhanced BDS (DBS) check.

How are the tuition sessions structured?
We provide a positive, safe, fun, learning environment to enable your child to progress.
Each tuition lesson is based on one to one direct teaching, a small group environment and a balance of educational computer programmes, workbooks and written work, making the lessons varied and interesting.

​Our students are given homework to reinforce their learning and to extend concepts and skills taught in the lesson. Homework will not be time consuming and will vary depending on the student's needs and their homework set by school.

How much do the sessions cost?
Sessions last for 1 hour and 20 minutes. We charge £28 per session (£21 per hour), payable in 1 month in advance (preferably via standing order). Discounts are available for students requiring more than 1 session a week or for siblings and for purchasing a block. 

Notice must be given for missed sessions. Any sessions missed (where at least 48hrs notice has been given) can be taken through catch-up sessions - so you won’t lose out if you are unable to attend.

Do I have to pay for my child to be assessed?

 No. Our assessment of your child's educational abilities is completely FREE and you are under no obligation to enrol your child in one of our tailored tuition programmes.

What do I do next?
Your child's success with us begins here. We highly recommend booking your child in for a FREE assessment with one of our qualified teachers. You can contact us by phone, email or by filling in our online.

All lessons are subject to availability and our maximum teacher to student ratio.

Each tuition session costs £28 for 80 minutes (£21 per hour). This covers all materials including, a well-planned tailored lesson, worksheets, textbooks, homework sheets and use of our computer programs here and at home, as well as one to one tuition with our highly skilled teachers.
We are OFSTED registered
If you are a parent who works more than 16 hours a week and claims tax credits, you could be entitled to up to 70% off our tuition programmes and holiday clubs.

Find out more on the government’s help with childcare costs website.

Childcare vouchers accepted
If your employer provides you with childcare vouchers, you can redeem these towards the cost of our tuition, Easter and Summer School programmes.